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Sept. Meeting Sri Lanka
by elizabethcarol on 

Hello Traveler,

Just had our September Sri Lanka meeting.

The mock up grows as we get closer to the departure date.  There is still room to join the trip- and there is a mock up to see some more guys sign up for the adventure!

Airline tickets to, and hotels on the island are reserved for us!  $600 reserves your place on the trip.

If you have questions or would like to make a deposit to reserve your spot, feel free to call or email, would be happy to talk to you.

There is more information on the website  

In your meditation, take a look at Sri Lanka:
what part of the island is asking for a hello from you,
put up a rose and look at what is the hello you offer
place that hello rose on that part of the island and watch what happens.  Stories on the forum welcome.

Mock ups:
To learn how to say “hello” in the local language
To find a Sri Lankan Restaurant to visit in the area and find out more about the food.
A group hike in the area to get our travel/adventure legs in shape

Next meeting is October 4th - 1:00 pm - San Rafael location.  But all those interested who live out of the Bay Area are welcome to jump into the trip- We’ll find a way to include you in the meetings.

Spiritual Growth Through Adventure


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Sri Lanka
by ec on 

Hello Travelers,

The Sri Lanka trip is moving along as people continue to sign up.  The mock up is getting clearer as the group Sunday looked over the itinerary in more detail.

Some highlights:
Kandy-  shopping for spices and gems
Elephant Sanctuary-
Beaches- splashing in the water and perhaps some snorkeling

This month is the time to ground your space on the trip, particularly for hotels and flights.  (see previous post for details)

$600 reserves your spot. 

What part of the Itinerary speaks to you?  (add your comment below)
Also, what is your "must have" item to take with you when you travel overseas?  (add comment below)
Next meeting is September 4th  1:00 pm

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Welcome to the forum
by Aesclepion on 

Welcome to the Sri Lanka 2017 Forum.

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